Next Job Oriented Programming

most popular programming paradigm?

Guowei Lv

1 minute read

Rant alert

I’ve been having this idea for a while, and when having dinner with my other programmer friend yesterday, I jokingly said that “Have you noticed there is a very popular programming paradigm that’s been adopted everywhere but no one is aware of it?” Yes, it is what I call Next Job Oriented Programming(NJOP).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against adopting new tech by any means, it’s good and healthy to keep our tech stack up to date. But, is this really the first priority right now? Do you have some old and nasty code lying somewhere yelling for refactor/rewrite? Do you have legacy code from your previous tech update? Most likely bringing the latest and coolest framework will NOT solve your deepest problems, and, on the contrary, it could make things worse.

It’s like your baby is desparately in need of changing the diaper but you enter the room and give her a new toy.

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