Completed Programming Paradigms Course

Completed the Stanford Programming Paradigms course

1 minute read

Finally I finished the 27th video on the famous Programming Paradigms course by Stanford. It’s excellent! It basically covers: C programming. Functional programming (using Scheme). Jerry is an excellent teacher! Thank you for putting up the material online. Highly recommended for anyone!

Linus Talk at Aalto University

Aalto Talk with Linus Torvalds, hosted by Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) in Otaniemi on June 14, 2012.

1 minute read

This whole video is in Q&A form, which is quite enjoyable to watch. I strongly agree with Linus in the following thoughts: Passion, hard work and attention to details are extremely important. Whether you have vision or not is totally another story. People who easily get offended, should be offended.