My Keyboard Collection

My Mech Keyboard Collection

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I have been collecting various keyboard over the years. Now I’m quite proud of my small collection, so I think I will share it here.

The One And Only True Keyboard

Yes, this is the famous IBM Model M. Typing on it is like playing piano, the sound and feel is so crisp.

The IBM Model M2

I got this from a Finnish second hand website, it is much like a modern keyboard, except that the switches are still the same as original Model M. Sadly it is dead now, it seems that M2 has this common problem with some electronic part inside that wears off over something like 18 years.

The Rubber Dome IBM

This is IBM KB 8296, the best robber dome keyboard ever made, it is super heavy because of the metal plate, and the robber dome feels much more comfortable to type on than any modern ones I have tried.

Ducky Mini

This is my first modern mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX blue switch. It is not true RGB but only Red and Blue. But the built quality is top notch. Definitely on par with any high end boards like vortex poker series.


This is my recent acquisition, it has the new Cherry MX nature white switch. A bit stiff at first but I think it is better than red or black for typing. Since I have so many clicky ones, this is a good change of taste when I need some quite.

Vintage Apple IIGS A9M0330

This is weirdo, it has some alps switches which are linear and non clicky. I occasionally use it with mac computers and it works quite well. More info here.

That’s all I have now, the only thing I crave now is the HHKB2, let’s see when I pull the trigger for it ;)

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