Dracula Vocabulary

My notebook of vocabulary in Dracula

Guowei Lv

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Chapter 1

All day long we seemed to dawdle through a country which was full of beauty of every kind.

dawdle: to do something or go somewhere very slowly, taking more time than is necessary.

Stop dawdling! You’ll be late for school!

They are picturesque, but do not look prepossessing.

prepossessing: interesting, attractive, or impressive:

He wasn’t a very prepossessing sort of person. The box didn’t look very prepossessing, but the necklace inside was beautiful.

… very harmless and rather wanting in natural self-assertion.

self-assertion: confidence that you have in speaking firmly about your opinions and demanding the rights that you believe you should have.

…her silence and lack of self-assertion.

but on making inquiries as to details he seemed somewhat reticent

reticent: unwilling to speak about your thoughts or feelings

He is very reticent about his past.

Finally she went down on her knees and implored me not to go

implore: to ask someone to do or not do something in a very sincere, emotional, and determined way

She implored her parents not to send her away to school.

… but my duty was imperative …

imperative: extremely important or urgent

The president said it was imperative that the release of all hostages be secured.

with its background of rich foliage of oleander and orange trees …

foliage: the leaves of a plant or tree

Dense foliage blocked the path.

There was everywhere a bewildering mass of fruit blossom…

bewildering: confusing and difficult to understand

He gave me directions to his house, but I found them utterly bewildering.

I could see the green grass under the trees spangled with the follen petals.

spangle: to decorate or cover (something) with many small, shiny objects

… but the driver was evidently bent on losing no time …

bent on: to be very determined to do something

He was bent on quitting his job even though he was making a lot of money.

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