SICP Goodness - Metalinguistic Abstraction

Metalinguistic Abstraction

Guowei Lv

1 minute read

Do you think Computer Science equals building websites and mobile apps?

Are you feeling that you are doing repetitive and not so intelligent work?

Are you feeling a bit sick about reading manuals and copy-pasting code and keep poking around until it works all day long?

Do you want to understand the soul of Computer Science?

If yes, read SICP!!!

Do you have the following questions?

  • What programming languages should I learn?
  • What is the best programming language?
  • What programming languages real programmers use?
  • Is SQL real programming language? what about HTML and CSS?
  • Everything should be programmed in C.
  • Everything should be programmed in Assembly.
  • Everything should be programmed in machine code.

If you have any of these questions in your head now, or any similar ones, please read the following page from SICP book, until they are gone.

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