GOOS Book Distilled Part 10

A follow through of the great book Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests with code

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This is a series of blog posts going through the great book Growing Object Oriented Software Guided By Tests, typing in code chapter by chapter, trying to add some of my own understanding where things may not be easy to grasp in the book. I highly recommand you get a copy of the book and follow along with me. Happy coding.

This post is the beginning of Chapter 15 Towards a Real User Interface.

Replacing JLabel

We decided to replace the simple label with a table to represent snipers. To play it safe, we make a baby step: create a one cell table to just replace the text label.

Single Cell Snipers Table

Source code

Sending the State out of the Sniper

In the new JTable, we show 3 columns: itemId, lastPrice and lastBid. Since these 3 values aways go together, we can bundle them up into a SniperState.

Recap: AuctionSniper is a listener in AuctionMessageTranslator. When there is a PRICE message coming, the currentPrice(int price, int increment, PriceSource priceSource) will be called. So the lastPrice can be taken directly from price, the lastBid can be calculated by price + increment, what about the itemId? We decided to put it in the AuctionSniper’s constructor, since Main knows which item we are bidding, we can pass it to create the AuctionSniper. Also we change the tests.

Source code

Showing a Bidding Sniper

In order to show the SniperState on UI, we pass it to the SnipersTableModel and use it to show in the table. Nothing really interesting here.

Source code

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