JavaScript the Weird Parts Distilled

Learn Javascript the Weird Parts

Guowei Lv

1 minute read

Javascript: Understanding the Weird Parts is a great course. Highly recommended if you are getting into JS from other programming languages. Much better than the book Javascript: the Good Parts in my opinion. Here I distilled all the source code with comments from the videos, for the impatients.

My Experience with First Day of JavaScript30

What happened when I tried to follow the first lesson in JavaScript30

2 minute read

It’s nice weather today, so I decided to give JS another chance. For thoes who don’t know yet(really, if you want to do JS you should know already, haven’t you been reading everything in JS weekly every week?). There is a free course called JavaScript30 offered by Wes Bos, in which you build 30 small project using vanilla JS. Since it is perceived pretty well in JS community, I decided to start from there.