The New Stereotype of Programmers

Is the new programmer stereotype better?

2 minute read

I was at a Sushi buffet today, and I saw someone who wears a company T-shirt which says “I dress code” on the back. I don’t think I like that slogan very much. I even feel a bit sad and angry. And I don’t know why. After given it some thoughts, I think the reason might be the following.

I’ve never seen any other professionals who emphasize their career in such a funny way. Yes, I know programmers are cool, but have you ever seen any musicians wearing some T-shirt saying “I eat notes”? Or any lawyers wearing Hoodies that says “I sleep on Laws”?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against showing people our interests as programmers. Just that the emphasize doesn’t have to be always code.

I’ve been hearing too many people talking about code too much, it gives people the impression that we are some sort of code generator or coding monkey. I don’t want people to associate programmers only with code. Code is just a tool, just like paints or bricks or running shoes. The code is not what we really do. What we really do is modeling and solving problems, like any other engineers.

In my mind, code is not some holy thing that we should all run after. It’s the engineering and Maths parts that are really interesting.

I might be over reacting, if you think so just ignore me then.

I write code, but I don’t want to dress code.

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